Tesla Rental Beverly Hills

When it comes to cars, the absolute last word in minimizing CO2 emissions are plug-in vehicles. MPG Car Rental's fleet is led by the king of green vehicles, the all-electric yet massively powerful and seriously luxurious Tesla Model S. The car is widely considered not just the finest green vehicle, but the finest car on the American road, period - and the lack of an exhaust pipe speaks for itself.

Based in the super ecologically friendly Los Angeles community of Venice, MPG Car Rental is the place for a green auto that is sure to seriously reduce your environmental impact. For further information, please visit www.MPGCarRental.com or call 877-870-7821.

Tesla Model S Rental Los Angeles and Venice Beach

As the premiere provider of green car rental in Los Angeles, our team at MPG Car Rental is pleased to offer Tesla Model S rental at our headquarters in Venice, CA. Here at MPG Car Rental, we specialize in environmentally friendly vehicles, from hybrid to turbocharged fuel injection and electric.

A hybrid car rental may be exciting and green enough for many, but the entirely electric 2013 Motor Trend Car of the Year Tesla Model S performance is something else. Tesla founder Elon Musk has said that the Model S was intended to be not only the best all-electric car on the road but the best car on the road, period. With all due respect to an impressive Chevy Volt rental, the automotive experts agree that the Model S offers an all-electric experience that surpasses just about every car now on the road - electric, hybrid, or traditional.



As you approach, the Tesla key commands the door handle to unlock, waiting for a simple tap to present itself. With it in your pocket, Model S turns on as you buckle in to the driver's seat



Every millimeter of Model S is designed to reduce drag. The door handles are no exception. When not in use, the handles retract into the body, streamlining airflow. When a driver approaches the vehicle with the key, the handles slide out and unlatch with a simple touch.



In the trunk of the car is the charging plug. Charging the Tesla S is a lot like charging your phone. You can plug the vehicle in the most common 240-volt outlet, (which is recommended) or the lesser 120-volt connector. You should expect around 31 miles of range per hour of charge.